Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about the numbers first

We’re proud of the success of our Ataama platform. And we think the numbers show it, so we’ll let them speak for themselves.


Users benefit from the Ataama difference. Individual marketers and affiliate networks.

36 million+

Customer contacts via the Ataama platform in the last year alone.


Of sales delivered through Ataama funnels in six months..


Customer retention rate for the Ataama platform.


Combined years of experience of online affiliate marketing in our management team.


Cups of coffee. Small espresso or large Starbucks, if it works we don’t care.


The Ataama platform is designed to represent your business. It offers unrivaled flexibility so you can configure it to meet your needs.


Ataama will grow alongside you. As you need more and more, as your business becomes more complex, Ataama will enable you to manage that growth..


We employ some amazing engineers. They thrive on delivering a high quality experience.

Who we are

With 35 years of online and affiliate marketing experience between us, we were talking over beer one day. In fact, we were complaining.

Mainly, we were complaining about the cost and complexity of trying to do business in the online world. All those software packages each doing a small part of what we believed should be really simple. Funnel builders, autoresponders, CRM’s, training software, lead tracking, ad builders, landing page builders, call management….click tracking… the list went on and on.

What we wanted was something simple. Something that was aligned to the way we wanted to do business. Something all in one place that let us manage our business from end to end.

So Ataama was born. The one-stop-shop for online marketers. We’ve been developing it for quite a while now. And the results speak for themselves.

Our Company
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