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Ataama is here to help your business. Most software solutions are one size fits all. If it doesn’t work for you – well, that’s just your bad luck. Not Ataama. Choose the box below that most closely represents you and your business.

I am part of a small affiliate marketing team.


I lead an affiliate marketing team as part of a larger network.


I lead a large network of affiliate marketers.


I have a very large network of affiliates and multiple downlines.


This has gotten so big, so quickly! My business has multiple products and many thousands of affiliates.



The all in one solution for the individual online marketer


Take advantage of our unique partnership with AWOL Academy to build your own training platform.

Funnel Management

Build, manage and track your own unique sales funnels. Optimise responses through integrated funnel management.

Lead Management

Holistic view of all your leads and conversion rates through all elements of your sales funnel.


Track your leads through your funnel. Segment demographics and improve your conversion rates through accurate targeting.

Product Management

Manage all your products and services in one place. Link to merchants and create bespoke checkout pages.

Support Forum

Be part of the Ataama social network. Talk to people who have similar challenges to your own. Interact with the experienced Ataama team.


The all in one solution for your affiliate network

All of MyAtaama PLUS

Take advantage of all the features of an affiliate and sales platform designed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.

Shared Revenue Model

Market Ataama modules and services to your downline. Increase revenue through providing Ataama throughout your network.

Affiliate Marketing

Provide pre-defined sales funnels to your Affiliate team. Ad Copy, Landing Pages, Webinar pages - control your customers experience into your business.

Affiliate Tracking

Track, manage, and deliver affiliate commissions, sales and leads. Manage and automate your downline business processes.

Coaching Dashboard

Do you have a direct interaction sales process? Schedule and manage direct sales calls. Automate emails and campaigns.

Team Collaboration

Take advantage of the Ataama social network to build a social platform just for your team. Manage communications, increase collaboration and retention.


The bespoke solution for your complex business needs

All of NetworkAtaama PLUS

Make the most of Ataama's industry leading and flexible affiliate tracking, management, training and coaching platform.

Domain Hosting

Want your own unique domain at yourcompany.com? We can host Ataama on your domain if you want to retain complete branding ownership.

Branded Design

We can tailor the Ataama experience around your brand. Talk to us about your requirements.

Business Support

We are affiliate marketers. Speak to us about how you can tailor your business processes using the Ataama platform to increase efficiency and automate.

Personalized Training

Develop and deliver training to your team alongside experienced Ataama staff.

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